Javier Diez Domingo

BIOJavier Diez-Domingo, MD, PhD. Pediatrician, at present is the director of the Vaccine Resarch Department of FISABIO in Valencia, Spain. He has 4 major passions: Family, cooking, vaccines and cycling. From the vaccine point of view, he has been principal investigator in more than 40 clinical trials with vaccines, Phases I to IV and has participated in the development of different vaccines: HPV, PCV, Pandemic flu, cuadrivalent influenza vaccines, and now on coronavirus and RSV both for adults and children. His department is working of different projects with real world data, and is modelling the impact of different vaccines and diseases in Valencia. At present they are actively involved in the postauthorisation surveillance of the potential new coronavirus vaccines. He is coordinating two H2020 projects: i-CONSENT, trying to make informed consents more understandable, and DRIVE for the influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe. From the family point of view he is happily married with two grown-up girls, both doctors, and if you are interested in his cooking abilities, he participated in MasterChef Spain, although for working reasons he could not get into the TV show.

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